My passion is perfection, a great aim - never reachable. As a consequence , it forces me to create all the components of my work by myself: the planning, the technical drawings, the building of forms, the lacquers, conventional and digital photography, the printing of catalogues, building high end pc´s and networks of rendering engines to create the fractalanimations etc. Its not always an easy path, but a very creative learning and growing process.

have started with classical sculptures made out of stone, wood or metal. In the last years I always drifted more into 2d and 3d works on pc. The possibilitys are incredible, to create and construct without considering the rules of physics or statics, is like loosing the bonds of reality.


Stone, wood, bronze, steel, brass, copper, LED, Fiber,

Last works

Artbooks on iPad 3 HD/iPad 1+2

FRACTALARTS - Your chosen art can always be with you wherever you go. It is the ideal platform for video and electronic arts. I want to bring art to the people, instead of it being enclosed in museums and galleries.