Fractals and Fractalanimations

Fractales and multilayer live videos are the opening of a new world of creativity and the lust of constructing, its a never ending process of iteration and variation. A playground for millions of years and one will never see the same pictures and forms. It could easily be viewed as a heaven of creative people.

For more Fractals in fullscreen please visit   Flickr   and for more Videos please visit   Vimeo   or   Youtube

Golden Mecha

Lyon flows

Orange Dreams

Last works

coming soon - iPhone/iPad Apps

We soon release a VJ APP, with just your iPhone or iPad, mixing clips with your live view cam - of your device and provided clips. Apply some filters and opacity - stream it live to any projector or screen. Vj ing out of the pocket

Artbooks on iPad 3 HD/iPad 1+2

FRACTALARTS - Your chosen art can always be with you wherever you go. It is the ideal platform for video and electronic arts. I want to bring art to the people, instead of it being enclosed in museums and galleries.